Struggling To Get Pregnant?

For many people, starting a family is a fundamental dream worth any and every sacrifice. So, what happens when you and your partner have been struggling to get pregnant? At what point should you start seeking medical attention?
Simply put, infertility is defined as the inability of a sexually active couple to conceive a child within 12 months. But, did you know that males are responsible for a couple’s inability to conceive up to 50% of the time? It’s quite logical… If you and your partner have been struggling to have a baby for over a year, then it’s definitely time to head over to your health-care providers. This way you can find out which partner needs medical attention, and how to move forward as a couple.
The good news is that male infertility does not mean you will not be able to have a child! Over the past decade, medicine has risen to the challenge and developed various ways of overcoming reproductive difficulties of the gravest kind. Medical solutions for male infertility usually involve two elements: medication and surgery. This combination of treatments can tackle most reproductive issues…

There are many causes for male infertility. Sometimes it is a genetic condition; a condition that is inherited, or the result of a chromosomal abnormality. Other times, infertility is a condition that arises due to external factors. For example, catching certain sicknesses at a young age, or being exposed to unusually high temperatures can create reproductive difficulties.
This is why urologists advise all men to take certain precautions that can reduce pregnancy-related complications due to harmful, external factors. A few such precautions are:

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides; always wear protective gear when handling such materials
  • Avoid excessive heat to the reproductive organs
  • Avoid radiation, this includes cell-phone radiation!
  • Avoid taking non-prescribed medications, vitamins or drugs

Going to the doctor’s office on one’s own can be very difficult, especially when it is on behalf of such a sensitive issue. Remember, that facing these issues with your partner can make the whole process alot easier. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions. Any concern you may have, share it! The more you ask, the more you will know, and the more comfortable you will feel… Finally, remember that if and when you have finally conceived a child, it is of utmost importance to keep following up with your doctor to make sure that everything is alright and on track.
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