BMG Launches first of its kind Spine and Pain Management Center – SPMC

BMG SPMC Medical Panel with Dr Kamal Bikhazi, Dr Michel Malek, Dr Ghassan Skaf and Dr Suhayl Lakkis

BMG SPMC Medical Panel with Dr Kamal Bikhazi, Dr Michel Malek, Dr Ghassan Skaf and Dr Suhayl Lakkis

A medical conference was held on March 16 2016 in Beirut at Gefinor Rotana Hotel, to launch the Spine and Pain Management Center (SPMC) in collaboration between Bikhazi Medical Group (BMG) and Dr. Michel Malek.

Dr. Kamal J. Bikhazi, Chief Executive Officer of BMG opened the conference introducing the panel speakers and shedding lights on SPMC. He presented Dr. Michel Malek with a brief on his career that brought him and BMG together to build this specialized center. Dr. Michel Malek who is a U.S. Board Certified Neurosurgeon specialized in Advanced Spine Surgery and Pain Management, resumed the conference with a detailed presentation of modern ways treating pain and spine problems with minimal invasive and conservative techniques to achieve positive results without the need to go through a surgery whenever possible; that are the foundations SPMC medical services. A panel discussion followed with leading specialists in the field including Dr. Michel Malek, Dr. Suhayl Lakkis – Assistant Clinical Professor Orthopedic & Spine Surgery and Dr. Ghassan Skaf – Chief, Division of Neurosurgery AUB Medical Center.

BMG continuous development in providing state of the art leading medical services is the main foundation to achieving the goals of SPMC. The center treats patients who suffer from back and spine problems, manages their pain through epidural injections, educates about spine accidents preventions in addition to providing a second surgical opinion. This is only accomplished through a highly qualified medical team with a wide experience in this field who are brought together by BMG to be the ambassadors of SPMC.


Treatment Information:

  • Failed Back Surgery:

In some cases, even with a successful back surgery, pain might persist. SPMC treats patients with latest surgical methods or through non-invasive and conservative interventions.

  • Pain Management:

SPMC treats chronic pain that allows patients to have a full enjoyable life. Through the dedication, commitment and knowhow of our team, we achieve best results without the need of surgical intervention if possible. Treatment can be conducted with non-invasive methods such as epidural injections. Pain Management can be a great alternative to back pain surgery, an efficient diagnostic tool, a Failed Back Surgery treatment or an option in non-surgical cases.

  • Spine Accidents Prevention:

Most spinal injuries are preventable!

SPMC works close with patients on preventing causes of injury rather than treating it. The main focus is to first contain injuries that might affect the spinal cord and second educate our patients on how to prevent such accidents.

  • 2nd Surgical Opinion:

Getting a second opinion helps patients taking the right decision especially when surgery is involved. SPMC welcomes patients and others concerned helping them make better treatment choices. Most of insurance companies require such a second opinion. SPMC is here to provide it.


BMG Overview

BMG formerly known as Fouad Khoury Hospital and Abdul Aziz Medical Center is a landmark hospital located in the heart of Ras Beirut. The continuous commitment serving our community with highest medical standards made of this establishment a reference hospital in Beirut.

BMG currently holds a leading position to serve patients with specific medical services. As we look into the future, we plan to continuously enhance and improve to provide a homelike, comfortable and safe environment as keys to our continuous growth.

The target of BMG is to study the case of every patient efficiently; BMG employees are professionals who provide services in an efficient and competent manner. The realisation of this vision through continuous education and development brings a fundamental impact on the healthcare sector as well as for the continuity of this institution.

Brief about Dr. Michel Malek

Dr. Michel Malek is an American board-certified neurosurgeon specialised in Advanced Spinal Surgery and Pain Management. He graduated in Neurological Surgery from Northwestern University Chicago in 1992 and practiced this specialty in Chicago region, Wisconsin and Indiana during the past 21 years. Dr. Malek’s philosophy is to stress conservative, non-invasive, or minimally invasive management of spine disorders and pain.


  • Cellular Neurophysiology
  • Advanced Spine Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Skull Base Surgery
  • Parkinson disease, Surgical Treatment


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