Annual Dinner

BMG annual dinner has become our tradition in gratitude of a Healthy year 2015.
A beautiful crowd of friends, staff and physicians gathered on the 18th of December 2015 to celebrate the festivities and a year full of healthcare achievements.
A nice opportunity to catch up in a friendly and warm atmosphere, Dr. Kamal Bikhazi opened the ceremony with his speech followed by Mrs. Rima Bikhazi Azar who thanked each and every one who contributed to the year’s medical achievements:
«I am happy to have you in our Annual Dinner all together and miss those who stayed on duty at the hospital. You are BMG – Bikhazi Medical Group Beating Passion Spirit. I would like to personally thank each and every single one of you who supported us.
Starting with the Records Department, you are our Top Department.
For being very Active and Serious Thank You Quality Assurance Department.
The department that always fights with me and always tries to convince me; Infection Control department, you always win.
Superpowers; the Operating Room.
Anesthesia department, you are our biggest asset.
Most harmonious and cute department with a beautiful team; Lab.
The Revenue Generator; Billing.
Great Improvement this year; Collection Department.
The department that has most Pressure for whom my heart is always there; Accounting.
Most Precise department; Cashier.
Big Development this year; IT.
The department that eases me most, takes off the stress and keeps a 24h watch on the hospital; Biomedical & Maintenance department.
The department that feeds us all and now has a very nice set up, the Kitchen.
The department that had most Changes and improvement this year; Radiology.
Going a Great Job; Endoscopy department.
You Are Top; ICU .
Thank you Private Clinics.
Handling all kind of weather, Hot – Cold – Humid – Rain; Our Valet Parking.
Best Welcome; the Operators and Communication department.
We miss the old and are happy with the new; Welcome HR.
Rand, our dietician; Thank You .
You are the BEST; Admission (I personally vouch for them),
Best Deals, best Knowledge, best Audit: Pharmacy.
Last but not least, BEST TEAM EVER; our Nursing Department.
I would like to personally and mostly Thank FATEN; you are my Memory, you are my Calendar, you are my Computer, you are my everything.
Special Thanks to May for preparing the annual dinner and making it a beautiful success… I want to thank first and foremost the Nursing Leaders Mohamad Deeb, Hala Mokdad and Ahmad Kassem, and also Mme Baydoun, Dr Abdel Sater, and our number one Dr Ashkar»
Mrs. Rima Bikhazi Azar joined Dr. Kamal Bikhazi joined to announce the Employee of the Year 2015 Award congratulating Mrs. Abir Hamoui infection control officer, for her achievements and contributions to BMG – Bikhazi Medical Group commitment to excellence, and Mrs. Ghida El Wattar admission officer for achieving Employee of the Month – December 2015 through her dedication, her efforts and professionalism.
The evening continued in an entertaining atmosphere and turned out to be a great success thanks to all those who attended and all those who have put their efforts organizing it.
Thanks to our dedicated and highly qualified medical team, you provide the community with the highest medical standards and accomplish our purpose every year. You are BMG.
We are looking forward to many successful years to come.

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